Roast a Perfect Turkey at 200*F. Overnight


I started using Reynolds oven bags, for my turkeys, not long after they appeared, on the grocer’s shelves. I was hooked immediately. Tender, juicy, and flavorful, the best roasted turkey, I ever tasted. There is no need for seasonings, or butter. Just stuff it, and pop it in a bag. If that wasn’t enough, to sell me, I also wound up with a lot more, of its rich broth, still in the bag, to make, ‘The Best’ noodles, and gravy.

Then, about 10 years ago, a friend told me, she bakes her turkeys at 200*F. overnight, and wakes in the morning, to a fully cooked turkey. I was a bit skeptical, at first, but I crossed my finger’s, and gave it a try.  It was cooked through, but not browned, so I turned the temperature to 375*F. for 30-minutes…Perfect!

Plus at that temperature, you don’t have to worry about it burning, it could probably stay in the oven, for several more hours.

Now I have plenty of room, to bake the ham, breads, and sides, and have dinner ready before noon.

If you’re like me, and cook for a humongous family. This is a life-saver! After I have been baking, all week, I’m ready to get this over with.


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I'm making the move from Blogger to WordPress. It may be a bit bumpy, at first. I am a typical Midwesterner. I love to grow anything, read a lot, cook and try to learn new things everyday. I began this blog for younger family members that are just learning to cook, but I'm happy to share with everyone. All of the recipes on this blog are family favorites. Some are very old, and some are new discoveries. From simple to complicated. Hope You find a new favorite among them
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